29 Mar 17

Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in their Website and Social Media

It may seem like a ghastly proposition to try and influence a small to medium sized business to invest thousands of dollars to rebrand themselves in the new age social media world.  It would seem entirely appropriate for a small business to balk at this proposition and rebut it outright.  However, the question remains: should a small/medium sized business invest in digitally rebranding itself, re-design their website, and invest in a coherent and strategic social media platform? Can they do it themselves or is it worth paying a professional for their expertise? What will they be gaining, will it work, and is it an idea that necessitates immediate attention?  Will and could they fail if they do not do so?

Let us examine our actions when a friend tells us about a new restaurant or business and gives it glowing reviews.  In the modern world with information presumably at our fingerprints, even a good word of mouth referral will prompt a call to action from all of us to check that business’s website, reviews and social media accounts.  Realistically, we live in a world that is high paced, ever changing and where we crave immediate information.  Hence, our friends’ recommendations will not make us physically visit that restaurant, yet it will directly induce us to find out more about it.

Which brings us to the notion of first impressions!  A sexy website or appealing pictures on Instagram will not make the food at your restaurant taste better, but it may be the initial relationship that your customer establishes with you.  Isn’t the idea that your first impression should be a good one?

Many small businesses believe that they either do not have the time, money or find it worthwhile to invest in their digital presence. The concern to spend money on the aforementioned is legitimate.  With tools available to build your own website and the belief that you can manage your own social media accounts, why would you?

The short answer is expertise.  Having a website or posting on your social media accounts just for the sake of doing it does give you a digital presence. The question is: what kind of presence?

How does your website look aesthetically? Is it practical? Is it mobile friendly? When is the right time to post a picture or send out a tweet? How do you broaden your base and grow your followers? How do you size your image: pixel count? How do you leverage articles about your business? How and when do you use influencers? How do you come up with a social media strategy?

A common misconception is that you can manage your business social media accounts the way you would your personal social media accounts.  Nothing could be further from the truth when you take into consideration the above questions.  Ultimately, your chosen method and investment will align itself with your business goals/objectives.  However, we will show you why even small to medium sized businesses need to invest in experts for their website design and social media management the same way you would hire a mechanic to change the tires on your car or a wedding planner to plan your wedding.  The modern digital world necessitates the savvy use of these platforms, and if you’re unwilling, you’re in jeopardy of being left behind.

This is the first in a series of blogs that will focus on why small to medium sized businesses should invest in their digital makeover from a new/redesigned website to agency managed social media accounts.  We will deconstruct a business’s digital brand exposing their flaws and how investing in expertise will keep them relevant in the present and future proof them.

Keep coming back for more as we delve into an in-depth look!


The DigiHub Team


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